1. Judd Foudation    2018


Internship Project

The Donor’s Council is the JUDD Foundation’s premier annual giving patron society. We created materials to explain the situation of the foundation in Marfa, Texas, and  express the specific intentions of the Foudation: the emphasis is on works in which art, buildings, and land are inextricably linked. Public tours and viewing of the collection, the conservation of the artworks, education programs, artist’s residencies, special exhibitions, lectures, performances, and publications are all vital facets of iti’s mission as established by Judd.

The shapes, colors and format of the materials echo the aspect of Judd’s works and it’s environement. It reflects the strength and clarity of the Foundation’s mission.

Under the supervision of: Javas Lehn Studio
Made for: the Judd Fondation
Text by: the Judd Fondation
Photography by: Martien Mulder