5. Making History    2021

Art Direction
Graphic Design 

Studio Project

“Making History” & “Remaking History” for the French brand Tarkett is a visual journey to the life of their collections iQ Granit and iQ Eminent. It is a study of space, elements and materials that define our environment, finding a balance between them that tells a story when juxtaposed. By capturing the activity around both the collections, we illustrate the life of the materials and the life around them. The goal was to create a series that highlights the material’s history, future possibilities, collection’s range and multifunctionality.

“Making History” focuses on the past and the present – HO materials that have made 50 years of history in the past; while renewing iQ Granit & iQ Eminent in the present as a result of 50 years of learning, experience and innovation. “Remaking History” emphasises the present and the future, as we are not only renewing the design of two collections – remaking our own history into something even better; Tarkett is also reinventing the future in the factory by recycling and remaking iQ Granit & iQ Eminent, giving a never-ending life to both the products.

In collaboration with: NOTE
Made for: Tarkett France
Photography: Nicolaj Didriksen
Stylist: Pernilla Löfberg
Credits: NOTE & Tarkett